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Thursday, January 27, 2011

He's Baaaaaccckkk!!!

The Old Spice Guy is returning!!!  As his biggest fan you know I couldn't be happier.  The creative did not disappoint as he retained his ridiculously comedic banter: calling earth a blue marble, discussing his physique, and the opportunity to preview the commercials by staring into his beautiful brown eyes. 

The commercials will hit the air in February. (That's next week!!!)  I can only wonder what else Old Spice is going to attempt this time around with Old Spice Guy. Another level of viral infused social media campaigns? Whatever happens I am relieved, because February is starting to look a lot hotter and more tolerable.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year.....and a MASSIVE update

Welcome to a new decade!

Ok. Now that I said that..WAIT--we're in a new decade?! I cannot believe that it's 2011! Ten years ago at this very moment I was a freshman in college beginning my second semester as a Zoology (pre-med) major.  Ten years later, I am beginning my last semester as an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate student and an intern in said field. I never would have guessed this ten years ago-EVER!

I know my posting has been shoddy at best the last two months or so.  Such is the life of a girl in the city.  I guess in a way I should be grateful, because that means I have a plethora of friends who invite me to all their activities and I try to participate as much as I can.  I will not complain about feeling the love (especially in these days) and you should take my absences as a something positive, because that means I'm gathering more material for us to sift through together.  So let's discuss some of the highlights...

One of the reasons that I began this blog, was to market myself because I am in the midst of making a career change.  For anyone considering switching careers, to tell you it is difficult is an understatement.   I knew that it would be a challenge, but I was not prepared for how discouraging it can be to one's optimistic mindset. As a career-changing student set to enter the workforce in May, one of my focuses has been to secure an internship.  Why? Because I need relevant industry experience.  Sadly my degree is not enough to guarantee entry into my field.  Truthfully,  I have been searching for an internship off and on since I began my program.   I will not sugar coat the facts, and say it's been cake walk.  It has not been easy.  At all. It is frustrating, and time consuming.  Rejection can make you want to rip your hair out, and even worse, doubt your academic  (and sometimes personal) prowess.  To the nagging self-doubt I say do not get discouraged everything ALWAYS works out for the best!

Anyway, remember how waaay back in the beginning I said I had some things on the horizon I was hoping  would pan out?? Well- they have!!!  I am an intern!  WHOOO!!!  Last week I began my internship at a multicultural (yes!) advertising and pubic relations firm.  When I interviewed I was placed in the account services (advertising) division, but after some company restructuring I am working in both account services and public relations! At first, I was shocked and a little weary.  Truthfully, I did not have a good view of PR from the class I took.  After working on a public relations project the last few days my opinion is changing.  It feels great to finally start advancing up my career path.

Yesterday evening I had my first class of my last semester. Ever (I think).  This semester I am taking Creative Campaigns and Campaign Planning with my two favorite professors.  I know they will challenge me, and as a result of those challenges I will be the best IMC Maven I can.  Ending my studies with these two individuals teachers is priceless and words cannot suffice. I cannot wait to see what tonight's class will bring.  Can you feel my joy and excitement?!

During class I had one of those indescribably rare moments where I KNEW that I am in the right place on the right track. Whenever I have one of these incredibly rare moments I smile and my heart warms.  I honestly feel it is God's way of letting me know that in the end it's ALL worth it!!  I have these moments at work as well.  I am learning so much as I apply my schoolwork in the real world.  On Monday I tweeted, "It doesn't feel like work if you like what you're doing!" If you think I'm lying consider this: I have more fun working as an unpaid intern than I do as a (considerably more) paid paralegal!  In all seriousness, I urge those readers who have not found their passion to take the time this new year to seek that which fulfills you. You only live once, and shouldn't you enjoy where you spend the majority of your day/week/life?  Also, living  life will put you through enough pain and suffering. So why not avoid some of it if you enjoy your career??

A few other miscellaneous things:
I know this is a blog about media and recently I have gotten away from that a bit.  Don't worry, there will be media reviews in the upcoming posts.  While I'm speaking om the blog format, I am going to include another facet: the graduate student on the job hunt.  I have some definite ideas of where I want to go with my career and leads to pursue, but I thought it could be fun to chronicle my journey.  Lastly, I am also tossing the idea around of having this be an informal journal of my last semester of school (maybe?) ever.  I hope these changes don't bother you. If they do, go read Ad Age or Ad Week. They're straight media no personality. (Not to say they aren't great reads, but here you get a personal take from yours truly).  Let me know what you guys think. I always love to hear it.  I'm not quite sure how to get alerts on comments, but I LOVE them and try to respond when I can.  Oh, and can you do me a favor? Would you mine spamming the crap out of the blog on FB, Twitter, email blasts, WHATEVER?! I'd like to increase my readership!

Thanks and Happy New You!