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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Season Finale Alert-Project Runway

THE SEASON FINALE OF PROJECT RUNWAY!!!! Can you feel the joy?!
After a a season of intense challenges, break you down into tears judge commentary (Michael Kors and Nina Garcia I'm talking to you--and LOVE you for it) , catty hate (Gretchen and why?!), and inspirational stories (Mondo revealing his HIV positive status and Michael C. making it to the final four without proper sewing/pattern design skills) one of my favorite shows end until spring.  It is bittersweet: I look forward to seeing who wins the wonderful prize (GO MONDO!!) and who packs up and goes home empty-handed-except for the name recognition they created. I also can't wait to have some of my DVR space back.   On the other I am sad to see my product placement show end

Yes, you read that correctly. I did call this my favorite product placement show.  Project Runway shamelessly flaunts products throughout every episode in its entirety.  Sadly (or ingeniusly) I can remember a large number of of the products they promote including: Michael Kors, Marie Claire, Garnier Fructis, Saturn, Brother Sewing Machines, Hilton Hotels, Mood Fabrics, Atlas Apartments, Parsons School of Design, L'Oreal,, and even Cadillac.  The odd thing about this is that I do not mind the shameless promotion on PR.  I am not sure if this is because I expect it on shows featuring the arts such as Project Runway, America's Next Top Model and Top Chef.  Truthfully PR has converted my mother and I to Garnier users.  I think that in shows where someone or something is created and/or transformed I love watching the product at work in the hands of professionals.  I know that I can't create that smokey eye like you can, but I can at least try with the same exact tools you have! Maybe just maybe, it will work.  Now, what I do not want to see happen is all reality shows because venues for product placement. Keep it on cooking, fashion, and design shows. 

Throwing my support behind the creative genius!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month??!

That's a joke.  In all seriousness these Breast Cancer Awareness (going forward we will say BCA because it's too much to type) marketers have really impressed me. This years media blitz hit the ground running!! It's only October 4th, and unless you live under a rock you know it's BCAM.  You have seen at least ten ads, and perhaps even already donated to the cause.  Personally, I attended a fundraiser Saturday--yes on the second day of the month.  Ford had Neil Patrick Harris encouraging the world to Suit Up! And wear a BCA tie in a prime time commercial of  "How I Met Your Mother." During Sunday's games the NFL players/teams/coaches are all wearing pink either in the form of cleats, gloves, or on their team gear. Even the goal posts are wrapped in pink padding!  But it doesn't end there. 

This evening when I returned home from class I turned on the game in time to see Kelly Rowland singing "Survivor" and breast cancer survivors marching on the football field. Now, I don't want to sound like I don't care about breast cancer. I do. BUT this is almost ridiculous.  I understand that you want to put your cause on the largest platform available, but this doesn't go well with football.  First of all, it's not tradition to see star-studded halftime shows during Monday Night Football.  What was the point?  Wouldn't this be better suited for a format such as Project Runway?  Sidenote: I do believe they'll tie it into Project Runway just wait!! Likewise, where was the rest of Destiny's Child?

There is a such thing as overkill.   It seems whoever coordinated this campaign did not believe in it.  This is based solely on the amount of BCA paraphernalia invading our world.

My rating of the BCA program is three stars.  You have done well with alerting us of your cause. It has become second nature to associate breast cancer with October and pink ribbons.  Congrats.  Where you messed up is in drowning us in your media blitz.  If you lose us now all your efforts were in vain.  It is only October 4th.  We have 27 days remaining in the month.  Let us breathe!

Update: Had some technical difficulties with this post. Better late than never!