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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Good Old Fashion Duel: Old Old Spice Guy vs New Old Spice Guy Fabio

I have had a hectic week (updates to come), but I HAD to write and let you all know that one of my favorite campaigns is BACCCCCKKK!!!!!

If you aren't aware that this has been happening you need to check it out.  The Old Old Spice Guy Isiah Mustafa and New Old Spice Guy Fabio are engaged in an epic battle right now.  They're challenging each other to Mad Libs, reply to questions posed by fans on Facebook and Twitter, and overall just one-upping each other with their ridiculously witty banter.   You can even vote on which guy you like better (is that even a question?!).  Head on over and check it out!!! Highly entertaining.

VOTE FOR ISIAH!!! You know I did...I hope this blog gets me a shoutout from Old Old Spice Guy. It would make my 29th year oh, so complete.

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  1. aaaaaaaaah!!! I LOVE this!!! hahaha thanks for football Isiah!!!